One of the principle objectives of this project is the social recognition of those who spent years of their youth working as slaves in the Pyrenees mountains, that's why we wish to collect together the highest possible number of names of people who were involved. Various people are working on the digitalisation of the data gathered from different archives, which step by step are being published here on this site. Up to now, and with the need for further investigations, 3,437 prisoners who worked building different fortifications and Pyreneen roads have been identified, and it is our objective to incorporate step by step all those names on this list.

At present we have published a list containing 1,300 prisoners, members of Worker's Battalions 106 and 127 and Disciplinary Battalions of Troop Workers 60 and 38. Also include are the prisoners who died in the Military Disciplinary Hospital in Pamplona from spring of 1940. These lists also appear in the book “ Esclavos del franquismo en el Pirineo” (Slaves of Franco in the Pyrenees) ,which includes explications on the methods of investigation and the sources used for the identification of these prisoners.

As we already stated, our aim is to gradually extend these lists, thus correcting any errors derived from historical writings and documentation, in this way we would like to welcome all those people who may be able to provide facts and data to contact us.