The catalogue aims to go further than that implied by forced labour in the western Pyrenees, taking into account the fact that research exists which analyses the impact of these kinds of measures during the Franco dictatorship in other parts of the Spanish peninsular. Because of this and as well as including reproductions of what is exhibited on the panels, are the results of collaboration with researchers into the different aspects of this mode of repression.

In reference to the internal contents, the catalogue is divided into three parts. The first part places forced labour within a framework of contemporary European and Spanish history. Presented in the second part are the results of different research into forced labour in the Pyrenees, from Catalonia to Euskal Herria (the Basque Country). The third part is a compilation of studies into other forms of forced labour and its impact on the families of prisoners. It concludes with an analysis in the epilogue the presence of this penal and concentrational phenomenon within the collective memory.

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