Panel de la exposición
The exhibition titled “Slavery under Francoism: roads and fortifications in the western Pyrenees” consists of 16 panels (Available in Basque or Spanish) which shows the work carried out, as much in the whole Spanish state as, though in more detail, in the Basque Pyrenees. The panels are divided into three fields of interest.

The first of them “An entire network of slavery”explains the establishment of different models of forced labour, and its extension throughout the whole State of Spain.

The second of them “Little bread and a lot of misery” centres around the experiences of the prisoners who worked on the fortifications and roads in the Pyrenees.

The third one, “Beyond the barbed wire” analyses who really benefited from this forced labour, and also the impact that they have had in the Pyrenean villages, on the families of the prisoners and within the collective memory.